4 Most Strict Countries Restricting Gambling And The Legal Ban On Betting

If one happens to visit places and explore the world, then one would definitely reach a conclusion that gambling is considered the favorite pastime of the people all across the globe. Most of the people in major of the countries are very much in for the same barring few of the exceptions due to the very reasons of their own. Some of the countries where gambling is strictly illegal and must be avoided for sure are listed as below:

  1. Qatar – Islamic country with very stringent rules related to gambling

It is a Muslim country with some of the extremely rigorous rules and regulations to be followed by the people living in the same. Out of the various activities, which are banned, one of the lists is gambling, which is considered as a very bad activity and must be avoided at all costs due to all the right reasons.

Any kind of betting related to any sports is discouraged in the country and not at all supported by the people. Those who still try their hands on these illegal activities are always in the fear of getting punished if found guilty of their current actions.

  1. Lebanon – The Government of the country has a strong role to play

Gambling is an illegal activity in this country, and the government has the sole and whole rights to ban such practices by blocking internet sites. Thus, online gambling is completely discouraged and considered an unauthorized practice. The Lebanese government happens to be very much strict when it comes to online gambling. In fact, it has taken all the preventive actions in order to avoid breaking the laws.

Online gambling operators were banned after the decision by the government, seemingly for the betterment of the country as a whole. But still, the people involved in such illegal activities are accessing the same through other means and playing these online gambling games.

  1. Brunei – As per the Sharia law, gambling is a sinful activity

As per the Sharia law in force due to it being an Islamic country, gambling is a sinful activity. It must be avoided by the residents. And the government is forced to put a ban on it in order not to allow the people to play these gambling games. In this country, gambling is equivalent to extreme punishments of all kinds for the owners of the gambling venues as well as the people involved in the same.

  1. Hong Kong – A surprise package when it comes to gambling

Seemingly, the Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, and Macau to name a few are very much into gambling. These countries do not consider it wrong in any sense and thus do not impose any kind of restrictions. They allow these gambling games within their borders. Thus, Hong Kong comes as a surprise to the list of these few countries. Only some form of betting is allowed over here and that too within the presence of the government and its firm decisions and laws imposed on the people as a whole.

To conclude, one can very well say that gambling is not supported by the governments of all the countries in the same manner. Some countries tend to pose restrictions while some allow it openly and that too in the public itself.