Growing popularity of online bitcoin gambling

Growing popularity of online bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin is the encrypted currency the value of which is not determined or maintained by central banks at all. The popularity of online casinos that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method is on the rise in the European Union. Swedish Casino has a lot of guides and information about online casinos in EU and whole world. It is definitely worth checking out if you want to stay up to date with all the latest trends in the gambling industry including bitcoin casinos. The bad thing about Bitcoin according to some is that the transactions cannot be anonymous and can’t be traced to a certain person. Some governments say that Bitcoin can be used in illegal and illegitimate activities. The gambling commission is implementing strategies to overcome such issues. The success is immense and hence it is not an issue in the EU anymore. (more…)

New MGM Springfield Casino opens in Massachusetts

New MGM Springfield Casino opens in Massachusetts

The MGM is a big name in the world of gambling and therefore it definitely needs no intro at all. The company is all set to open a new casino in New England Massachusetts. There are already many companies which are working in the region and with the MGM Grand in-game the revenue streams are likely to change a lot. The New England region will be affected the most and more people are likely to enter the scene as well. The MGM will make sure that the best gambling techniques are also introduced which will transform the already developing market in Massachusetts.

The investment is huge and the total cost of the setup is around $960 million which includes a 252 room hotel, 125,000 square feet of gambling space. There will be 2500 slot machines and the 120 card tables as well. Movie theatre and bowling alley are the other perks which are included in the space and therefore it is already regarded as one of the best places to gamble in Massachusetts. There are 7 states which will be affected as well and the people from those regions will also come to this mega entertainment complex to enjoy and spend some quality time in this regard.

The facility is located at the Massachusetts border and there is a strong perception that MGM is all set to attract and affect the Connecticut market as well. Foxwoods Resort and the Mohegan Resort are the other two notable gambling places which are located near this new MGM facility in Massachusetts. Both casinos started their operations in the area in the 1990s and are regarded as one of the most visited gambling places in the region. With the best and the most advanced facilities, MGM will definitely give these resorts a very tough time. It is all because of the name of the company that is enough for the players to gamble.

Mohegan Resort

For the last 20 years, Foxwoods and Mohegan have penetrated into the Connecticut and Massachusetts markets equally. It made these casinos hundreds of thousands of dollars. Both the facilities saw their peak in the year 2006 – 2007 where the revenue was maximized to a great extent. Then came the great recession which affected the business but the effect was not as much as the recession itself was. Other than the mentioned casinos there are 5 other casinos that cut the revenue a lot. MGM is the 8th one in New England Massachusetts and Connecticut. It is expected that the revenue will be further cut by this gambling giant.

The Massachusetts legislation is somewhat unclear about the casino business. It is important to note that the lawmakers of the state are open to the ideas of sports betting and gambling. It is for the same reason that they have supported MGM in opening the new casino in the area. On the other hand, Connecticut is a state which has allowed limited betting and therefore the state is open to betting. It is also important to note that the Foxwoods and Mohegan provided the state with $270 million which they never want to jeopardize. Clear laws are being formulated in this state for the same reason.

4 Most Strict Countries Restricting Gambling And The Legal Ban On Betting

4 Most Strict Countries Restricting Gambling And The Legal Ban On Betting

If one happens to visit places and explore the world, then one would definitely reach a conclusion that gambling is considered the favorite pastime of the people all across the globe. Most of the people in major of the countries are very much in for the same barring few of the exceptions due to the very reasons of their own. Some of the countries where gambling is strictly illegal and must be avoided for sure are listed as below:

  1. Qatar – Islamic country with very stringent rules related to gambling

It is a Muslim country with some of the extremely rigorous rules and regulations to be followed by the people living in the same. Out of the various activities, which are banned, one of the lists is gambling, which is considered as a very bad activity and must be avoided at all costs due to all the right reasons.

Any kind of betting related to any sports is discouraged in the country and not at all supported by the people. Those who still try their hands on these illegal activities are always in the fear of getting punished if found guilty of their current actions.

  1. Lebanon – The Government of the country has a strong role to play

Gambling is an illegal activity in this country, and the government has the sole and whole rights to ban such practices by blocking internet sites. Thus, online gambling is completely discouraged and considered an unauthorized practice. The Lebanese government happens to be very much strict when it comes to online gambling. In fact, it has taken all the preventive actions in order to avoid breaking the laws.

Online gambling operators were banned after the decision by the government, seemingly for the betterment of the country as a whole. But still, the people involved in such illegal activities are accessing the same through other means and playing these online gambling games.

  1. Brunei – As per the Sharia law, gambling is a sinful activity

As per the Sharia law in force due to it being an Islamic country, gambling is a sinful activity. It must be avoided by the residents. And the government is forced to put a ban on it in order not to allow the people to play these gambling games. In this country, gambling is equivalent to extreme punishments of all kinds for the owners of the gambling venues as well as the people involved in the same.

  1. Hong Kong – A surprise package when it comes to gambling

Seemingly, the Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, and Macau to name a few are very much into gambling. These countries do not consider it wrong in any sense and thus do not impose any kind of restrictions. They allow these gambling games within their borders. Thus, Hong Kong comes as a surprise to the list of these few countries. Only some form of betting is allowed over here and that too within the presence of the government and its firm decisions and laws imposed on the people as a whole.

To conclude, one can very well say that gambling is not supported by the governments of all the countries in the same manner. Some countries tend to pose restrictions while some allow it openly and that too in the public itself.

Your Guide on How to Pick the Best Online Casino Games

Your Guide on How to Pick the Best Online Casino Games

If you have recently started visiting online or land-based casinos, and you are just looking around, then it is time you started playing there too. As a casino player or a punter myself, I know now, after many attempts that there are a few ways to find good casino games. Many times, people might just start playing games if they find it claims, “No deposit” or “Welcome Bonus” on it. However, instead of randomly picking the games, learn the process the right way.

The Ways to find the Best Online Casino games:

If you search online for casino games, a host of sites would open up and show you a list of casino games that they offer. So here are a few thumb rules to follow.

  • Read through the game categories: If you open a casino site, you will come across a host of games in various categories. These categories would be like, Poker, Bingo, Video slots, Classic slots, Vegas slots, High roller slots, fruit machines, Sportsbook, Live Casino and more. These categories would have thousands of both deposit and no-deposit games in them respectively. Read through them in detail and check out the categories.
  • Look out for the popularity of the casino site: Many casinos offer games and it is easy to get in such sites and starts playing. However, if the look and feel of that online casino itself is not very trustworthy, and if fellow punters have not spoken well about it, just step out. It should ideally have gaming licenses of the country, and it should have 24-hour customer care support too.
  • Welcome bonuses and the FAQ: Many first timers might ignore this fact and just start playing a game on a site because they get reception bonus higher there than anywhere else. If it is a reliable casino site and provider, then the bonus might not be over the top. If you read the FAQ regarding the payment and withdrawal percentages and even the bonus payout percentages, then you would know better. Payout percentage and payment timings would vary from one site to the other.
  • Check out games from reliable providers only: There are game providers of great repute like, NetEnt, Microgaming, PlayTech, IGT, NextGen and others, who shall be offering very sound and secured gaming titles that offer cool payouts and trustworthy deals. However, do not forget to check the RTP that each game offers and the bet coin size before you roll the dice.
  • Look for simple games: If you just want to get the hang of a slot game, then start with classics, pokers or even fruit machine games. Learn about the Bonus symbols, and the way Wilds and Scatters work and the way they shall reward you on getting the winning combination.

In short, before picking the finest games, do some homework now, if you wish to make the best use of your skills and earn holiday special gifts at top casinos in December.

The Particular Features Of Gambling Licensing In France

The Particular Features Of Gambling Licensing In France

france-online-gamblingCurrently, the process of licensing is handled by the Ministry of Justice. So far in France there are about 160 operating casinos with the biggest one of Lyon Vert Casino, housing about 400 slot machines, dozens of roulette, poker and blackjack tables.

The control over gambling is assigned to by special police; its sphere of competence touches all the aspects associated with the licensing, winnings accounting, ludomania issues, illegal business conducting and etc.

The very licensing process is supervised by a member of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – High Commission on Gambling. It consists of 15 officers and deputies, whose names are not disclosed, but the chairman did not make any public statements. On average, the Commission considers up to 5 license applications per month; preliminary investigations are not conducted.

The grounds for the decision are the consent of the local authorities, the data on the origin of investments, financial plans, staff qualifications, development plans, the reputation of competitors, as well as economic and moral expediency. The rationale should be given by the head of the municipality, and the benefit for the budget is supposed to be not the top priority. Among the obligations of the future casino an operator typically includes funding for projects in the sphere of culture and entertainment.

The opinion of the Committee is only advisory in nature and is typically not motivated. The final decision is made by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The local authorities have a special role: in collaboration with the owners of the business, they may indicate its limitations. As a rule, it is necessary to obtain the consent to present the program of activities outside the scope of the game: for example, to open a hotel, regularly hold cultural events, etc. Given the difficulty of obtaining the consent of the Commission, local authorities choose only the most potentially attractive projects.

If approved, the agreement is returned to the municipality, which gets another, in fact, the last chance to change the decision.

Running a casino

Casino schedule and rules are determined by law as well as the agreement with the municipality. The entire staff is registered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The general rules are quite common: gambling personnel, individuals under 18 years and those wearing uniforms are not allowed in. Europol is entitled to replenish the list with new categories and names.

For gambling applies a progressive tax scale: the base equals 75% of gross income. In addition to contributions to the state budget, local taxes (15%) and fixed charges are obligatory. According to a major gambling experts at, a Swedish website specialized in gambling reviews and numbers, in 2006, the operators of gambling generated around €20.9 billion of revenue, €6 billion approximately went to the state budget.

For the prevention of ludomania established an Advisory Committee promoting safe and responsible gaming. In 2010, another law on the liberalization of the market of online games was adopted.

Online games Regulatory Authority issued 17 licenses to 11 companies, and thus ended the state monopoly, introduced back in 1539 (we are talking about online poker, sports betting and horse racing.